Who we are.

Our Mission

Youth Link Ministries commits to providing accountability and mentoring to any youth pastor/worker who desires to be strengthened and challenged both personally and professionally, in a group or individually. We commit to provide resource materials, assessments, team-building, leadership training, and coaching to assist student leaders for a greater passion for ministry to encourage longevity in their field and ultimately reach more students for Christ! 

Our Vision

Youth Link Ministries desires to reach students for Christ, challenge each in their faith; and encourage them to make an impact in their community. We desire to come alongside their youth leaders to encourage a healthier, thriving student pastor and ministry to do all this and more! 

What we do.

Our coaching

With 30 plus years of youth ministry experience, YLM affiliates can help assess and target key areas in your ministry through a series of tools, interviews and opportunities of observation to better equip, train and constructively coach you to be more effective in communication, vision, leadership, passion, planning and more.

Our training

YLM will help to sharpen your leadership and team building skills through various workshops for your staff or student leadership. Develop greater unity with your team by Vision Casting, Consensus Building, Understanding and respecting the diversity of giftedness. You will learn incredible and transferable team-building skills.