• Coaching & Networking

    At the core of YLM is our desire to come alongside youth pastors and leaders. After 3 decades of student ministry I realize that one of the key elements to keep me in ministry was my association with other like-minded youth pastors. A safe place to share struggles, celebrate "wins" and most of all to know someone outside my local church who had my back in prayer. Many hours are "clocked in" over a latte while coaching and mentoring a young leader. Input from others is critical at staying on the edge of impacting this generation of youth.

  • Elevate Urban Camp

    In 2002 while coaching a young man, God initiated the idea of reaching the urban community with a summer camp setting. Plans started to fall in place and Elevate Camp was born. Now over 11 yrs later, thousand of students lives have met Jesus through this incredible experience. Folks come from all over the US to see and want to model this style of camp. God has been gracious as YLM partners with Elevate International to plan and execute these camps.

  • Grand Canyon State staff retreat

    An opportunity to partner with Adventure Encounters to use the backdrop of the outdoors for leadership equipping & training. Two days of camping, caving and kayaking set the tone for a tremendous trip that created synergy and trust for this young professional leaders.

  • Deep Faith Apologetics Conference Sept 15-17, 2016

    Biblical illiteracy and basic knowledge of the Word of God is what is plaguing our "churched" youth at epidemic proportions today (Barna report)!! For most of our students there comes the discussions in the halls or in the class about values, principles and are there absolutes in this world? How do we prepare them with a biblical world view? We offered a conference that I believe equipped and trained your students to be able to "contend" for their faith. This happened in one evening in 3 different locations of Phx, Sept 15,16 & 17th. This was a tremendous investment for your students, leaders, or even small discipleship groups.